Moving youtrack container from a crashed host to a new one

We have been happily using Youtrack for a couple of months in our company and accumulated a considerable amount of history.

We opted to deploy it as a docker container and everything went well until yesterday when the host crashed (motherboard issue).

We have all the data volume contents but we somehow fail to restore the instance on another host (although the setup is "almost" identical).

Is there a configuration switch that allows skipping the setup/configuration and lets us use the current contents of mounted volumes? Perhaps we have to setup a new instance and can somehow import the data?

Previous installation unfortunately did not have any backups other than raw contents of docker volume directories.

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Hello Janis, we're sorry for the delay.

Could you please submit a support request here: and share some details? What was the YouTrack version you were using?

The general instruction how to restore a Docker installation can be found here: Have you tried these steps?

Thank you.

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