workflow.message not showing my custom message

I've wrote an action, when it's executed it assigns an issue to the logged user, when it's done it should show a message "The issue #### was assigned to you".

But only the message "1 issue updated" is shown. 

I'm using YouTrack 2018.2 Build 45513

The snippet of my action:


action: function(ctx) {
    var msg;
    //the user can't be assigned for other issue if it already has one.
    if (!hasIssuesNotFinished(ctx)) {
        var query = 'State: Open order by: Complexity desc';
        var openIssues =, query, ctx.currentUser);
        if (openIssues.isNotEmpty()) {
            var issue = openIssues.first();
            issue.Assignee = ctx.currentUser;
            issue.State = ctx.State.InProgress;
            msg = 'The issue: ' + + ' was assigned to you.';
            updateDashboard(issue, entities.User.current);
        } else {
            msg = 'No open issues are aviable';

      } else {
          msg = 'The user "' + entities.User.current.login + '" has open issues';


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I am afraid, there is no way to show a custom message on the Issues list. The workflow.message function allows showing messages only if any particular issue is opened (full issue screen). Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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