State Machine Workflows - Transitions: Which values to use here?


I want to create a State Machine Workflow to manage the possible transitions for issues. But I do not know which values to use in the transitions block. See this image for the red squares. I used arbitrary values here. What values can I use here? Sorry, if this is a stupid question, but I do not understand this. 

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Hi Klaus, I'm sorry for the delayed response.

When you create a State Machine rule, you choose a field of type 'state' to regulate transitions between its values. So for each state you need to list all possible transitions from this state value. For example, if you want issues in state 'Submitted' to be only transferred to 'Open', you list only this value in the 'Submitted' block of your workflow.

Read more here:

Please let us know if you need further assistance. Thanks!

I think I understand this concept. My special concern is about the highlighted values (red squares) in my screenshot.

When I follow the link you attached to your post, I see that there is a code snippet, where in the "transition" block the word "start" appears. But this is no State in my opinion. I write "in progress" and so on.

My question is: Which values can I use in the red rectangular shapes I highlighted in my screenshot.




Thank you for the clarification, sorry I didn't get your question at first.

These values are 'names' of the transitions. You can use names in commands, for example, and also names are shown in the list of values for your state custom field.

Please check the last section of this page for more info:


Hi Liubov,


Is it possible to not display the transition names?


Hi Dylan, I'm sorry for the delayed response. No, it's not possible to hide the action names for a custom field that is driven by a workflow.


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