Feature Request: "links: CLUSTER-*" Wildcard search ability on linked issues




There are situations we have where we'd like to create reports for auditors which show issues created in one YouTrack InCloud project which are linked to related issues in another YouTrack project within our master InCloud instance.


We can search for issues linked to a specific issue in another project, eg: "links: CLUSTER-555" but I cannot see a way to use the glob (*) support with the "links: " query, eg "links: CLUSTER-*".


Is this a feature the YouTrack developers would consider enabling? Is there another method I am missing?



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Hi Chase,

search queries like this are not yet possible in YouTrack. Please vote for this feature request in our tracker to raise its priority and subscribe to updates: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/JT-42092


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