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I would like to make one of our agile boards visible for a specific group. The group is defined globally and has developer role permissions for the respective project. It is not shown in the dropdown list for "Can view and use the board" though. Another group, also globally defined with the same role permissions for the same project is shown as an option though. I don't know why this is. Can anyone help?

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Hi Tim, please attach the following screenshots:

1) a screenshot of the Agile board settings, tab General, with the 'Can view and use the board' dropdown opened

2) screenshots of the Access tab in the settings of all projects that belong to the board.

You can share those screenshots here or submit a support request and attach them there.

Thank you!

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Hi Tim, please accept my apologies for the long delay. I've finally reproduced the problem; the reason why you don't see this group in the dropdown is that you're not a member of it. If you add your own account to this group, it will appear in the dropdown.

I've created an issue in our tracker:, please feel free to vote/comment.


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