Conditional Custom Field Value - Set it automatically by swimlane it's created in

I'm having a problem with automatically setting the value of a custom field

Our setup:

In our project tasks have a custom field for one of three business functions, one of them being marketing. We have two Kanban boards in this project. One board has three swimlanes, one for each business function. The other is a marketing-only board and has swimlanes defined by a conditional custom field that is only shown when the business function is set to marketing. This field represents marketing channels (e.g. E-Mail).

When I create a task in a swimlane of our "business function board", the value of the business function field is automatically set to the respective business function. If it's a task in the marketing swimlane, the conditional field is displayed to choose the channel. 


When I create a task in the marketing-only board (this has tasks of the other business functions filtered out and swimlanes are defined by the conditional custom field "marketing channel"), neither the business function, nor the channel are not automatically set. 

After I manually set the "business function" during the task creation process, the conditional field "channel" does not show up to be set.


There's another board, that shows only the issues assigned to one "business function". If I create a task in that board and set the business function to marketing, the conditional "channel" field shows up.


I would like the channel field to be automatically set, if a task is created from the + button in the respective swimlane of the marketing-only board. If that's not possible, I would at least like the option for setting "channel" to show up, after the business function "marketing" has been selected. 

Is there any way I can do this? I don't know why it doesn't work. 

Cheers and thank y'all in advance :)

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Hello Tim, I'm very sorry for the delay.

Could you share with us screenshots of your boards settings (tabs 'General' and 'Columns and rows'), for all boards that you mentioned? It will help us clarify things and give recommendations.

Thank you!


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