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We have YouTrack hosted by yourselves and a Bitbucket repository hosted by Bitbucket (Attlasian).

I have setup the VCS Integration settings as per the instructions.

If I open a YouTrack ticket, select "Add Commit" and paste in a hash, the Bitbucket commit is correctly picked up and linked.

If I add a YouTrack ticket ID to my Bitbucket commit message, for example #TVS-123, I believe the commit should automatically be linked in YouTrack, without the need for me to manually add the hash in YouTrack. However, this isn't currently happening. Please can you help me to get this working.


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We've resolved this issue in a private support ticket. I'll copy the summary here for future reference:

When configuring the integration you included .git suffix in the URL, which YouTrack do not expect, it therefore failed to match commit repository path with that of the integration.
We need to fix this on our side, but for now you can just use a URL without this suffix.

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