Filter with possible conflicted query

I need to filter all tasks that are not sub-tasks. But there are some sub-task of one specific task that I want to include in the Search.

I'm using this query:

State: -Resolved and (Subtask of: sitradpro-32 or has: -{subtask of})

Sub-tasks of sitradpro-32 are not returning in the query.

Is possible to do what I want? 


I'm using YouTrack 2017.3

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Hello Rodcesar,

I've just checked and it looks like a similar query works fine for me.

Which 2017.3 build are you using?

Please perform these searches and let me know if the results seem correct:

1) `Subtask of: sitradpro-32`
2) `Subtask of: sitradpro-32 or has: -{subtask of}`

3) `Subtask of: sitradpro-32 or has: -{Subtask of}`

Hi Liubov.

I'm using Build 36743 9 Oct 2017.

Your suggested 3 queries are working fine. The problem is when I'm add the "State: -Resolved" statement, then subtasks of sitradpro-32 are not returning.


Hi Rodcesar, I'm sorry for the delay.

Could you please create a support ticket here: and send us a screenshot of the full page with the results of this search? 

Thank you.


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