Issues displayed twice in tree view

Using YouTrack 2018.3 - Build 46358 (ZIP)
Issues imported from JIRA via XML dump

I am not sure if this is a duplicate of

But i have a problem that issues are:

a) displayed twice (same issues, but in different sort order) when navigating to page 2 (set to display 100)

b) The duplicate issues (top level, parents) are blurred

For the second, i am not sure if i did a custom css .. but if so, can you help me to find what i did?

Otherwise, it is a system default to display them blurred.

However, issues are displayed twice..see screenshot attached.

Thank you in advance for your support

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Hello Dimitrios,

we've recently been working on the new issue list implementation and are ready to present it as an experimental feature to our users in the upcoming youTrack 2019.1, which is to be released the next week. Could you please check if the issue is reproduced on the new list and let us know the result?



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Hi Alexander,

that means, that i will have to update Youtrack installation and test an experimental feature? 

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You can either update to 2019.1 and use new issue list as an experimental, or wait till 2019.2 when it will replace the old issue list completely.

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Hello Alexander, i upgraded to 2019.1 and so far it seems that my issue has been resolved..will make some more tests and let you know.
PS: Beautiful stuff in new version :)

Thank you!


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