Multiple resources working on multiple projects


We have multiple resources working on multiple projects. At the end of the month we would like a one view Cross Chart which is as follows: 

                                             User 1 | User 2 | User  3 | User 4 | User 5 | User 6 | User 7 | User 8 | ....

Project 1                                  2h                                              

Project 2                                  2h

Project 3                                               3h            5h         2h

Project 4                                               2h

Total                                        4h         5h             5h        2h

The above report will give us a timesheet of resource usage across projects. Today we are unable to get it in a single view. Any suggestions or examples would help. 



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I suggest you try to use Timesheet Report for your task. If you group your report by Project and show data per user, you will get all the required information in this report.

I hope it will be helpful. Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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