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Every month we need to update a variety of sites. The project and all the attended issues (and sub-issues) are always the same. I should be able to simply clone this project and issues to re-use as needed - they don't change. Or use a template with ready-made issues.

This seems like a very basic need so I need to either:

1) Be told I'm an idiot because to do that you simply need to.....

2) Get an idea on how to do this as a workaround.

3) Migrate to another platform - as this is just a huge waste of time to have to do that over-and-over again.


Thoughts community?

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Hello Daniel,

This could be partially done by Clone Project action, but according to the current design issues are being ignored from cloning procedure, so, unfortunately, requested functionality hasn’t been implemented yet, but you can star the following feature request and upvote it.

As a workaround I’d like to suggest the following:

  • Open Issues list for an initial project
  • Select all of the issues which should be cloned
  • Use `clone` in Command Window and select a project to copy issues to

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