Monthly expected hours report

As subject says, how can I set up the requirement of e.g. 168 hrs of necessary hours for May? And do this for each month separately?

Note, the workflow is not based on sprints. 
This way, the person that logs the time each day will see, how many hrs a month me (the manager) expect from them to be worked, how many hrs total for month they've already logged, and how much left to be worked?
Basically, what I need them to see is:
Logged hrs per period
Expected hrs per period
Remaining hrs per period

Official comment

Hello, I'm sorry for the delayed response.

I can suggest using the simple Time report: You can check the "Show remaining/total spent time" there to display a column with the remaining time.

A Burndown report can also be useful:


Let me know if your use case requires something different, I'll be happy to help you find a solution.

The request is really simple yet not something that youtrack can afford - allowing to set the expected hrs in the month. 

October -184 hrs 

November -168 hrs


Can I set this up somehow for the team or for each team member? 



I would recommend creating a separate Time Report for each month and selecting the option 'Show remaining/total spent time'. In this case, you'll be able to see four columns: Time estimated, Time spent, and Time remaining, and Total spent time.

If you select the 'Per user' option for grouping, you'll also be able to see the data grouped by user.

Let me know if this covers your use case.


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