Cannot integrate Bitbucket-repo with Youtrack or add commit from integrated repo to Youtrack, get "410 Gone"



There was no problem earlier, this problem occurred about two weeks ago.

Official comment

It looks like the original problem is related to the version of YouTrack that you're currently using. Bitbucket has recently changed their API, so the integration works with the version 2019.1.51078 of YouTrack or later.
Here is our blog post about this:
We recommend upgrading your YouTrack if your license allows it.

Hello Eduard,

Thank you for contacting YouTrack Community Forums. Would you mind me asking if you managed to add a new VCS integration or assistance is still needed?


@Sergey Kochetkov, i'm sorry, now i'm from another acccount (for some reason i cannot login as previous user).

No, the integration with Bitbicket still does not work, still i get "410 Gone":

and it's tested on 2 Bitbucket-repos.


Hello! I've created a ticket from this request since I'm about to ask for the logs from your instance. You should have received a notification about this. I'll add your second account to the copy.


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