automatically adding fields to template-based projects

I wonder if it would possible someway to automatically add new fields to projects that are based on a template by adding them to the original template.

The rationale would be the following:

 i have a template that have time-tracking enabled, some custom field that are needed for our tracking etc.

now all our projects would be based on this template when created.

Now we discovered the need to use a new field so, instead of manually adding it to some dozen projects it would be very handful to add it to the template they are based on and so it to be added to all derivate projects as well.

Is there a way to handle this sort of "live / evolving" template?

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Hello Francesco, we don't have this functionality at the moment and we don't have plans to implement in the nearest future.

Please feel free to submit a feature request into our tracker:

Thank you!

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