How can i get an email notification for any update, including opening new issues by others


Right now, i get email notification only when i open the issue or assignee to issue or been tag on issue.

As the product manager, i want to be notified on each and every step on the project, even issues that i am not directly related.

How can i do it? 




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Hello Tzur,

you can select the events that you want to receive notifications of in your profile, on the Notifications tab > Subscriptions section.

You can read more about subscription events here:

However, we don't support notifications on the event of opening an issue, unfortunately.

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So there is no way i can be notified if i am not related to the issue... 

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You certainly can, you just need to form a proper saved search query and subscribe to it. For example, to be notified of updates of all issues in a project, create a saved search with a query `project: <your-project>` and subscribe to its updates. More about saved searches here:

More about adding subscriptions to saved searches here:



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