Youtrack can't pick up old commits from Teamcity



Is there any way to force Youtrack to pick up old commits from Teamcity? They are visible in change log in TC but not in YT. And they were visible also in YT but something was happened (unfortunatelly I can't say what - propably removed/added connection to buildserver or changed mappings).

I browsed YT logs and found the lines like this:

24/09/19 08:54:30,276 INFO [@tzJobProcessor5] [ChangesProcessorImpl ] [] TeamCity Integration [P<-Pincasso:Run Unit Tests)(Pincasso_RunUnitTests)]: Requesting builds. Params: buildTypeId=Pincasso_RunUnitTests,sinceBuildId=89076,successfulOnly=true,defaultBranchOnly=false

Commits are visible above the Build ID mentioned in log (sinceBuildId=89076).

How can I cope with this issue?


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Hello, we're very sorry, we've missed your post due to a technical issue with the forum.

This problem is being solved in a support request.


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