Determine install type (jar, msi, zip)

I've taken over the maint and support of our stand alone YouTrack system.

I need to upgrade it and move it to its own VM.  We are currently running V 6.5 on Windows Server 2008.

I see the service running for YouTrack. 

1.  How do I determine the install type (jar, zip, etc)?

2.  Do I need to go in stages to upgrade to the latest and what are the versions?

3.  Best way to move to its own VM running Windows Server 2016?


Lots of questions.


John Morrison



Official comment

Hello John!

1) Where do you see the YouTrack service running? How do you stop/start YouTrack? Are you able to stop your YouTrack service? If you're not sure how to do this, let us know all the details that you know about your YouTrack installation, we'll help you figure this out.

2) Yes, to upgrade YouTrack from the version 6.5, you'd need to proceed as follows:

1. Upgrade to 7.0. Instructions depend on the installation type, the documentation can be found here:

2. Upgrade to 2017.4:

3. Upgrade to 2018.4:

3) You'll need to make a backup of your YouTrack upgraded to the latest version, and then start a new installation with that backup in the new environment. Follow the instructions for restoring an instance from a backup:


In case you have any further questions or if you want to share any sensitive data with us, please consider submitting a private support request using this link: 

4. Upgrade to the latest version:


Hmm. for some reason my email based reply didn't seem to make it in...


Hi Liubov.

I can see and know how to stop and start the YouTrack Windows Service.

Thanks for the information on upgrade order.

What I’m not sure how to figure out is I don’t know how this system was installed (zip, msi, jar, ?).  Does it matter?  Can I just pick an install format and upgrade?  Is there some way to determine the upgrade path I need to take?


John Morrison


Hi John,

if you share how you usually start/stop YouTrack, it would be possible to deduce which installation type you're using.

In any case, once you've created a backup of your YouTrack, you can use it with any distribution package (MSI/JAR/ZIP/Docker) to run a new standalone instance. In other words, you can upgrade using any distribution type (MSI/JAR/ZIP/Docker). As long as you can make a backup and stop your current installation, you don't need to know which distribution type it currently runs with.


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