Move custom fields to where the default fields are

I added a few custom fields, but they are showing up in the tab to the right.

Two of them, which are text fields, are showing up below the summary / description fields.

I'd like to have the other custom fields in that area as well (it's easier to type and not miss them).

Here's the two custom fields below the default fields:


And the custom fields to the side which I'd like below the First name / last name fields:




How do you do that exactly?

Official comment


These fields are shown below description because they have the text type. If you need to show them in the custom field section, chance the type to string

I hope it will be helpful. Should you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.


No, it's the other way around. Can I have the other custom fields from the custom field section (Phone number, Gender) moved to where the text fields are?


Thank you for the clarification. I am afraid, it is only possible if you change these fields type to text. All other fields cannot be shown in that area. 


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