Create backup manually

I'm running the dockerised version of YouTrack.

There is a backup feature, which I can use 1) when I'm logged in and go to the backups admin page, and 2) via the built-in quartz scheduler.

But in most deployments this is not how it's done. I have a cron job that triggers backups for all my services at midnight - I want to include YouTrack in there.

I looked at `docker exec youtrack_youtrack_1 help` but it didn't mention a backup feature.

Is there a way to trigger a backup via the shell?

Thank you!

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Hello Peter,


There is no such option, but you can turn-off built-in backup and perform it yourself via rsync or similar software


Unless I'm misunderstanding you - that would mean not only triggering backups manually, but performing the backup manually too. And it would be risky as the youtrack backup system is obviously reliable. On the other hand I might make mistakes, not backup important stuff, etc. And if there are changes in the future, my backup scripts may no longer be valid, etc.

Please consider adding a shell feature where we can run it to say `youtrack --backup` or something similar...

Thanks for the great software!


Hello Peter,


Apologies for the delay with the reply. We surely can file a feature request, but just to clarify if REST API backup triggering satisfies your scenario?


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