Specify ExternalIssue

Trying to create or update issue and specify ExternalIssue field,
but nothing happens: externalIssue is null.

request url: /api/issues/?fields=idReadable,id,externalIssue
request body (tried other variations):
"summary":"issue creation test via api",
"description":"delete me please",
"name":"helpdesk test",

responce body:

"externalIssue": null,
"idReadable": "BP-522",
"id": "2-1082",
"$type": "Issue"

I see that ExternalIssue subfields are read-only https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/standalone/api-entity-ExternalIssue.html

but i beleive there should be a reason why ExternalIssue field exists and a way how to specify it

Official comment

Hello Nick,

thank you for your question, the externalIssue attribute exists only for reference purposes and is indeed read-only. Unfortunately, it's not possible to set it manually, this attribute becomes non-null only when you have imported issues from a third-party service.

Hope this clarifies the situation.

Thank you for your answer!
Main reason we are using API is that we need to integrate our Bitrix as a user-side helpdesk with YT as a bug-tracker, 
so we would love to use externalIssue attribute for reference purposes, and maybe we just need another way to import issues from Bitrix?
Or there is no other way to import issues from not supported by default helpdeks (our Bitrix) except using API?


Hello Nick, I wonder, why do you need the externalIssue attribute specifically?

For continuous integration purposes, I can suggest creating a separate custom field for your project, for example, a simple string field or even a text one, and store the ID or the link to the Bitrix issue there. I believe that in case of a text field it might even be more helpful because it can store a full valid link that you can follow and open the issue in your Bitrix.

In any case, the only way to import issues from Bitrix that I can suggest is via REST API.

We do also provide the CSV import option, so please feel free to check this out: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/youtrack/standalone/Import-from-CSV-File.html However, there is no way to populate the externalIssue field from a CSV file either.


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