System Admin doesn't see a new Agile Boards

I am a System Admin with all permissions. I see all projects on the page "Projects". But when my team creates new Agile Boards, I don't see them in the list (on the page Agile Boards).

When I try to open direct url of new Agile Board, I see the following error:

"Woah, you can't touch this!
Unfortunately, you are not allowed to access the page you've requested. It seems you don't have sufficient permissions."

What additional permissions should have System Admin?
P.S. Project owner sees Agile Board.

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Hello Eugene!

In the board settings, there is the field "Can view and use the board". Could you please ask your colleagues to open one of the boards and check that you belong to the groups listed in that field? Feel free to share a screenshot of the board settings and a screenshot of your group memberships.

Also, since you're a System Admin, please double-check your own permissions. If you have the global "Low-level Administration" permission, you should be able to view any board in your YouTrack instance.


Are you using an InCloud instance or a standalone installation? If it's an InCloud, please share the name of your instance. If it's standalone, then please let us know the build number you're currently running.

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