User don't see notifications


If I write in comment field somebody with "@" (for example "@John, ...") then this user don't see message near the bell icon. Why?

Official comment

Hi there,

Currently, the bell icon reflects comment reactions (emojis) only.

We're working on adding mentions and other traditional YouTrack notifications there, but it's still work in progress.

Hi Evgeny,

We just started using YouTrack today, and I expected Email + Jabber to be alternatives for in-app notifications.

The extremely limited notification functionality surprised us, so it's good to read that it's work in progress.

I have two suggestions:

  1. Add Slack as a notification channel
  2. Add an event for "issue is assigned to me"





Hi Jeroen,

I'm sorry to hear that the application hasn't fully met your expectations at that point.

As for the suggestions, Slack integration is already there. Please refer to on how to set it up. "Assigned to me" notifications are also supported. To get them configured one should subscribe to the corresponding saved search as shown in Assignee notifications should even work out of the box on a fresh YouTrack server unless the project custom fields have been customized heavily.

I hope that helps.





Hi Evgeny,

Thanks for your reply and instructions. Slack integration is pretty neat, so that absolutely fills the gap quite nicely.

Just one note: I had disabled email and Jabber on my profile (email wasn't set up anyway), but it seems like Slack notifications only work when email is checked. That's a bit strange! I think it would be nice to see a "Slack" checkbox below Jabber (in the user profile / notifications page) to make clear which channels are used.


Hi Jeroen,

Frankly speaking, this is not how it is expected to behave. Disabling both email and jabber doesn't prevent Slack notifications from coming through in our tests.

I'd recommend filing a dedicated support request at so we can take a closer look at why your YouTrack server acts this way.


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