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we still work with Youtrack 2018.4 and wanted to upgrade to 2020.5 - which we can not do because of legacy workflows.

We got a lot of (obviously legacy) workflows which are attached to projects but are probably not executed - anyway not in the way they were planned to be.

Some of these workflows may be restored, others would have to be deleted.

I can still see the rules, the name of the rule, even sometimes the code (even though this workflow can not be restored).

In the following example the workflow can not be restored:

These workflows (except the last one) can not be accessed via an URL, they may not be edited, their name is given as plain text. Why aren't they URLs and is there a possibility to look at them.


Thank you



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Hi there,


These must be the legacy workflows and this is exactly why they can't be opened in the editor.

Since they have no usages it should be completely safe to simply delete them.


Those that do have usages can be converted into a new fomat as described in


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