Restore YouTrack docker container with data folder and without zip-backup

Hi there,

after a server crash I set up a new YouTrack container on a new server. Unfortunately there is no zip-backup of the old container from the YouTrack backup tool, only the folders data, backups, conf and logs. I copied this to the new server and mounted it in the container. The version of the new cotainer is same like the old: jetbrains/youtrack:2020.6.1099.

When I try to login in web-interface, I am asked for a token, so I cannot log in with the old user data. After entering the token, on next step shows:

Cannot open database at / opt / youtrack / data / youtrack. It may be locked by another YouTrack instance.

And below:

Restore To restore your YouTrack installation from a backup, select the location where the ZIP file or unzipped backup is stored.

I don't have a backup zip, just the folders.Is there any way to restore the old data?

Thank you!

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Hello Stephan, thank you for reaching out to our forum.

Please submit a private support request and share the following:

- the full logs after the crash if you have them;

- a description of the steps that you took to run a new container with the old volumes (the more detailed, the better);

- the full logs of the currently running docker container;

- a screenshot of the interface where you're asked for a token.

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