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What report can I use to track the cycle time (from in progress -> ready to test -> in test->done)?

This is what I think would work so please let me know if I am going down the right path or not. 

1) I pulled an Average Issue Age Report for each of the state (in progress, ready to test & in test) from Jan 1st to Feb 22nd with a moving window of one month (FYI we work in 2 week sprints). 

2) I then extracted the data from the first line graph onto an excel spreadsheet so that I could calculate the average of the averages of each of the day between those dates: [avg for Jan 1st] + [avg for Jan 2nd]+...[avg for Feb 22nd]) / [x days from Jan 1st to Feb 22nd] 

3) Finally, to get to something that is close to the cycle time, I added up the average of each of those states: avg of in progress + avg of ready to test + avg of in test 

Some of my concerns is that I noticed that often times, the maximum = the average on the line graph even when there is more than one ticket in that state at that given time - and I can't comprehend why it's showing like that. Also, I don't see a way to export the data into Excel so I am having to do this manually which is really time consuming. 


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Hello, thank you for your message on our forum.

If you need to have a report that would show the average length of time that issues spend in specific states, then the "Average Issue Age" is your first choice.

If this report doesn't suit your needs in some way, what I can suggest is to create some additional custom fields, populate these with values via custom workflows. This way, you can store some values like time spent in a particular state. After that, you'll be able to build other types of reports based on these values.

We also have the State Transition reports which track changes in the issue states, so this might also be helpful:

I hope this helps, please let me know if I can answer any further questions, I'll be happy to.


P.S. As for exporting data from reports to Excel/CSV, this option is not available for timeline reports, Gantt chart, and State Transition reports, unfortunately. For all other types of reports, you can export report data into CSV/Excel files.

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