Mailbox intergration: Filter mail by word in subject line as case insensitive

Hi. I'm trying to put a filter in place that will discard any emails containing the word "autosvar" as case insensitive.
Ex. "Autosvar" or "autoSvar" etc.
When looking att the docs referenced in YT documentation (javadocs) i can't find a good candidate for my task.
When trying Google I found the regex "autosvar"i as the solution but that didn't work here.

Do you have a solution for me?

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Hello Fredrik,

The following expression should work just fine:(?i)autosvar. Please let me know if that helps.




Thank you for this. My mistake. Was looking for the answer in the text on Javadocs, not in the function descriptions. Wierd tho that the google answer worked when i tried it on an online regex checker (set to java 8 dialect) Is there more than one dialect in java?
Thank you.


I guess it might be so because the online checker omits double-quotes.


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