Jenkins integration is not updating issues

Hello everyone,
I need some help please - I am currently migrating to YouTrack, and can't get working SVN-changes attaching to tickets through Jenkins integration.
Here's what I've done (as per the following manual:
  1. I have a Jenkins Job which is checking changes in the SVN repository each minute and is being executed if a change was detected.
  2. I have created a YouTrack user in Jenkins and granted Global Administer rights to it (because with "Global Read" only, authorization from YouTrack was failing with the "403 Forbidden" error);
  3. Installed "Last Changes" plugin;
  4. Added my Jenkins server into YouTrack, checked "Test Connect", which returns success (after I have granted Global Administer rights).
  5. Added new VCS mapping to my YouTrack project with the following parameters:
  1. Main YouTrack project - my project;
  2. Additional projects - empty;
  3. Jenkins server - my server;
  4. Jenkins view - Android (a global view which I have added the Jenkins-project into);
  5. Jenkins project - my Jenkins project;
  6. VCS integration settings - see screenshots 1 and 2.
YouTrack has switched on the integration, is displaying the last sync time in the "Status" field, and is correctly showing "Last processed build".After that, I have made an SVN commit with the following text: "#DOCSRV-309 Ready for Testing", where "DOCSRV-309" is my issue id, "Ready for Testing" is desired new value for the issue "Status" field.
Jenkins has detected the commit (as usual) and assembled the build. You can see what Jenkins is displaying about SVN changes on screenshots 3 and 4 (sorry, my browser locale is Russian, so Jenkins is displaying everything in it, so I have embedded translation right in the screenshots).
YouTrack is detecting this build on the "Build Server Integration" page, but is doing absolutely nothing with the task - neither changing its status, nor populating the "Done in build" field, nor displaying anything on the "VCS changes" tab. The end.
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Hello Victor,

Just to be on the same page is DOCSRV-309 resolved?

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Hello Sergey,

No, it's In Progress.

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Thank you for your reply. I suggest we proceed within a support ticket. Please submit it at while attaching the [logs](

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Hi, thank you. Submitted, with updated description to match the new setup.


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