How can I select the agile board when creating a card?


When I select to create a card, there is no field to select on which board I would like to appear. All boards get the issue. How can I configure a field where can I select which board(s) get the issue? Like in the picture. 


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Hi George!

When you create a new card on the agile board, you actually create an issue in YouTrack. The issue needs to belong to a certain project.

Let’s further assume that:

  1. The project is selected in the board settings;
  2. The value that is set in the custom field of the issue that identifies columns matches a column that is visible on the board;
  3. Automatically add new issues is set in the Board behavior.

In that case that issue will be automatically added to all the boards where the above is true.

If you do not need this, you can switch to other Board behavior options. You can read more about those in the same article.

Hi Stanislav!

Thank you,

I just started with Youtrack 1 week ago. There is a high chance I don't understand the logic behind it (yet). Thank you for the help.

I would like to achieve that, when I create an issue I can control which boards can get it. We have two boards. After I read what you link, I change the board's behavior. Currently:

  • If I select one of the boards and create a card an issue only opens on that board (~OK) Can I config the projects so I don't need to select a desired board before creating a card/issue? When the card/issue creation menu pops up I would like an option on which boards get it.
  • If I go to the other board and open the backlog there is all the issue from the other board (I don't want that) Can I control this one?

When the card/issue creation menu pops up I would like an option on which boards get it.

There is no straightforward way to explicitly select the board where the issue will appear as a card when creating it. However, you can write a workflow script to achieve something similar. Workflows are automation tools in YouTrack. Let’s say an issue is created in a certain project and has some specific parameters. These can be the prerequisites of the workflow rule execution. And the action to be executed would be to apply a command to add that issue to the board that you need it in. If you set it up correctly, it can happen automatically, thanks to your custom workflow.

If I go to the other board and open the backlog there is all the issue from the other board (I don’t want that) Can I control this one?

The agile board backlog is simply a saved search. You can edit it as you see fit. Let’s say you have added an “urgent” custom tag to the issue you created. Let’s further assume that you do not need this issue in that particular backlog. In that case, you may edit the saved search in the backlog by adding the following: tag: -urgent. If you do so, issues with that tag will not match the backlog’s saved search and hence will not appear there. Feel free to read more about search queries in YouTrack here.


Backlog is clear now, thank you.

Workflow: I created a new Field for my workflow Prerequisites: "Issue is assigned to a project". I can't select a project. No options were found. Why is that?  



Sorry for taking a bit longer to get back to you on this. In the Workflow Constructor, you need to select a project for your workflow first, as shown in the screenshot below. After you select a project for the workflow, it should also show up in the selector in the rule block.


Thanks, No worries. It was Friday near weekend. I didn't deal with it either, until now. 
I successfully created the workflow. 

Any way i can indicate that i have accepted the answer? Or can I give you a virtual cookie?


Happy to know our suggestions helped. Enjoying the cookie, thanks! ;)


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