Format of issue numbers


is it possible to change the format of the issue numbers? The default value is <projectname>-<nr>. The <nr> is an unformated sequential number.

I want to change the numbers either to formated number (e.g. xxxxx) or date/time based number (e.g. 20230216-xxxxx, or parts of date). And, may be, w/o project name.

Many thanks


Official comment

Hi Frank.

I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

No, I'm afraid, that's not possible. You can only control the project key part in the project settings. The numerical part is assigned automatically in ascending order. A lot of functionality is bound to this ID format in YouTrack, so it's unlikely to change in the future either.

For your custom identifiers, you can use custom fields.

Hi Sergey,

thanks for your answer.


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