Receiving notifications for users who created and who is the assignee in issues imported from Jira


Please tell me, is there an easy way to add to the list of Watchers those users who created the task and who is the assignee of this task when importing a tasks from Jira?

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

I'm afraid, there's no ready-to-use solution for that. To apply such a change, you'd need to manually update the import script used to process data from Jira.

Alternatively, you can update users' notification preferences in their profiles and add new subscriptions. By default, you can select 'Assigned to' me and 'Reported by me' saved searches that exactly cover what you describe without having users added to the watchers list.

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding editing scripts for importing tasks from JIra. I noticed that in the scripts for the list of watchers the field is used jiraIssue.fields.watchers. I noticed that when importing some issues from Jira, this field contains an array of users, but they still do not appear in the Watchers list in YouTrack. Please tell me, maybe there are some required fields for users that are in the jiraIssue.fields.watchers array that are used to add to the Watchers list in issues in YouTrack?


I also noticed that in the logs when importing each task from Jira there is a warning:

No converter for field id=watchers, no prototype. Will not import its value.


Thanks for your response.

That's strange behavior indeed. I've created a public issue for the development team to investigate it: Once it's resolved, we can return to discussing the customization part. So please feel free to follow the issue to stay updated on the progress.



I also added a comment to your issue. I hope my comment will be useful for the development team.


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