Migration of Youtrack to new server.

Hello Everyone,

I am migrating a youtrack application to a new server. I installed the youtrack on the new server and when I restored the backup of old server it asked for an external URL which is the hub(in the current application) on the old sever. if I use the same hub It creates a conflict and doesnt work on the current youtrack application also. my questions are:

1) How should I do backup of it without the external URl?

2) I tried to setup a new Hub but it doesnot work. Is ther any other was to configure it?

3) Is there an issue with the liscence we are using?

4) Is there  an issue to parrallel run the same application?

A lot of teams work on youtrack so we want to backup in dev envioment first and see if all works good and than only migrate to new server. Any help would be appreciated!



If you want to simply migrate your YouTrack, but use the same external Hub, then you need to remove the original YouTrack from the Hub, restore the backup of the YouTrack on a new server, and then use the same external Hub's URL during the restoration (of course, the URL must be available from the new server). If you run two identical YouTracks with one Hub, it may cause various problems with data synchronization.

If you want to migrate both Hub and YouTrack, then you need to restore Hub on the new server, and then restore YouTrack and use the new external Hub's URL.

Thankyou Alisa for your reply!. I would try to restore the backup of hub on the new server and see if it works properly. Thankyou for your help!


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