Redirecting issues with HUB

Hello Everyone!

I have a HUB which is connected with the Youtrack. The issue faced is whenever I try to access the ticket from Hub it doesnot redirect the URL to youtrack and i get an error popped up:

HTTP ERROR 404 Not Found

URI: /issue/EE-211
MESSAGE: Not Found
SERVLET: org.eclipse.jetty.servlet.ServletHandler$Default404Servlet-2d826d4f

I have rechecked the services settings and added the Youtrack URL in the the redirecting cloumn of the hub  and also restarted the services a few times but the issue is not resolved. How can i resolve this issue? 

I created an new hub for migration but used the same Licence. Did that created a conflict and the hub and youtrack are not connected together? 

Any help or Leads would be appreciated!



Do you use any reverse proxy on the server? If so, then please make sure that headers are configured properly for both Hub and YouTrack.


Hello Alisa,

Thankyou for your reply! Yes we are using Nginx as Reverse proxy on the server. The server is running from more than a year without any issues. Apparently we faced this problem 3 days back and it doesnot redirect. As per your recomendations/suggestions I have seen the headers of both the hub and Youtrack and they are configured properly!. Any other thi´ng we can check to make it work?



Please create a request for our support and send us the Hub logs and a screenshot of the YouTrack service settings in Hub.


Hey Alisa

i have created a ticket on youtrack support. Will wait for your help!


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