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We have a project to which a bunch of people have access.

Within a ticket (which has the same visibility as the project) we've attached a file and set the attachment visibility to a group that only has 2 people in it. The group is not nested in any other groups.

But, the attachment is still visible to other people. Anyone that has access to the ticket has access to the attachment as well.

So, I guess, the question is: how does the "attachment visibility feature" work? What does it need to happen in order to have the attachment invisible to all but the ones that are listed?





I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

Thank you for contacting us. I'm happy to help you.

In general, the only way a user can see an attachment even if they are not part of the restricted group is if they have an Override Visibility Restrictions permission. So please check if that's the case in the user profile → Roles. You can use a search box to quickly filter out such roles.

Thanks for the update.

Glad to hear that it helped!

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