Available actions not updated after change in issue

I have an action with a guard checking if the state of the issue is "open".

When an issues state changes from e.g. "ordered" to "open" the action should now be available.
But it's not shown in the action menu (the button with the three dots).
The user needs to refresh the page and just then can see and use the action.
This also works in the other direction. If the state is changed back from "open" to "ordered" the action is still available even that the guard is blocking that action. When clicking the action an error message occures, saying that there is no action under that name...

Is this a bug? Can i trigger an update of the action menu in a workflow?



This menu cannot be updated forcibly, I'm afraid, so it is indeed needed to reload the whole page. Here is a request to change this behaviour, so please vote for it to get notifications about its progress.


ok thanks!

is it possible to trigger a page refresh from within the workflow?
i know this is not recommended due to possible losses in the current data base transaction but still.
With js window.reload() or a location header redirection this should be possible but i could not figure out how to do this in the worklfow because window / document object is not available and the Youtrack application handles all the responses...


Andreas Karle No, unfortunately, it's not possible. I can suggest using workflow to show a message to users like `Please reload the page`.


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