How to limit access to a small group of users to issues they created or are assigned?

How can I restrict a small portion of users in a project to only see issues they created or are assigned but let everyone else in the project see all issues?  For 1% of users I need to restrict them to only issues they for which have responsibility.  This will be less than 0.1% of the issues.

In Jira this was done by setting "Security Level:AssigneeAndReporter" for all issues in the project.  Within the security settings I listed all groups, except those accounts that are restricted, has having normal project access.

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I'm Lena from the YouTrack Team. Thank you for reaching out. 

In the project settings, you have an option: "Default visibility setting". You can create a group with the users with access to all issues and define it there. For the other users, you can create a workflow, which will add the reporter and Assignee in the issue visibility list.

Note that this setting works only for the new issues. For other issues, you can change the visibility via a command: 

Please let me know if you have additional questions.

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