The estimated time on agile board si duplicated when adding both parent and child



I have a feature with several tasks as children and a kanban board. Each child has an estimated time and the parent was automatically updated with the sum from all of its children. The problem is that when both the parent and the children appear on the board the time is counted twice on the board, once for the parrent and a second time for the children. How can I make the board reflect the estimated time correctly, to either ignore the estimated time of children when the parent is present on the board or to ignore completely the estimated time of the parent?

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Hello Alexandru, thank you for your question.

First could you please elaborate, why exactly do you need parent tasks along with their subtasks on the board at the same time? What is your use case?

The counter of estimated time on the board works simply by summing all the estimations of all cards on the board, so it is as expected that the estimations of the parent and of the subtasks are counted separately.

Hello Liubov,

We are working on a Kanban project with a Kanban Agile Board. We work mostly with "Feature" type issues to represent a new... well... features that we want to add to our application. However when the feature requires more than a couple of days of work we break we create multiple "Task" type issues as children for the feature issue. In this case we will end up having both "Feature" and "Task" type issues on our board. We only estimate and log time spent on children (Task issues) when they exist otherwise we do it on the feature issue itself. However when we finish all tasks on a feature we would also like to move the feature issue to the "done" stage. I don't want to see it in the backlog anymore. At this point we would have the feature and tasks doubling the estimated time.

However I think we will solve our problems by using the features as swimlanes and instead of having features without tasks (children) to have tasks without features (parents). This way the no parent tasks will go into the Uncategorized Cards and the estimated time will be ignored for the swimlanes.


Hello Alexander, sorry for the delay.

Yes, I believe features as swimlanes should solve your issue.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions.


Hello Liubov,

in YT 6.5 we had Epics as swimlanes and Features as Cards. Any Tasks with Parents didnt show up. Any Tasks without Parent showed up in the Uncategorized Cards Section.

Now in YT2017.2 many Subtasks (tasks with Parent) show up in the Uncategorized Cards Section, which should not happen.


Hello, I'm sorry for the delay, Could you please attach screenshots of your board settings (the 'General' and 'Columns and Rows' tabs)? Also please attach a screenshot of the board with an illustration of the problem. Thanks.


Ok, I believe you've already started another thread on our forum, will answer there.


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