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I am a novice with the workflow editor. I installed it and downloaded workflows from the server. Then I created my own workflow and though: "Why do I need all the rest workflows to be shown on my local computer". So I deleted them. They I wanted to upload my workflow to the server. I believe you know what happened - all workflows on my server disappeared except one, my own.

How important are workflows for projects? Should I restore them to make my projects function properly? If so how to do that? I am using the hosted YouTrack.


Thank you.


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Hi Evgeny, thank you for reaching out and sorry for the delay.

I can send you an archive with all default workflows so that you will be able to import them into your instance anew. Please write a request to, and I will provide you with an archive.

As an option, you can try to click 'Restore All' button in Administration > Workflows, but it will revert all workflows into their default states, and that means your custom workflow will be lost.


As for your second question, default workflows provide some useful functions in YouTrack which you actually might not even notice, such as cloning issues, duplicates management, etc.

Some more info here:

I have accidentally deleted the "in-progress work timer" workflow from my system.  I was attempting to delete it from a project.  I can not find a repository that contains the workflow so that I can import it.  Can you send this to me?


Thank You.


I see some code snippets on that page, but I am not sure how to import them as a workflow.


Robert, you can create a workflow from scratch and then copy the code there. Here is the guide:

Or, you can create a support ticket here: and request an archive with the workflow.

Thank you. 


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