Limiting choice for certain roles/users when creating issues



is it possible to hide certain fields (or even certain values) for specific roles or users during issue creation? Our use case: The support team creates all issues, but only specific data is available or necessary at this point. Items which are only relevant in the later development stages, like "This issue requires a database update" or "Fixed in version" are unnecessary visual clutter, distracting from the important fields.

Furthermore, is it possible to hide certain values from multiple choice fields? For example: The support team never wants to put an issue to the state "Code Review" but get the choice to do so nevertheless. This, again, is distracting and unnecessary.

Thanks in advance


Hello Lukas, you can make some fields private and then grant permissions to view and edit private fields to certain user groups only:

As for hiding values from some user groups, unfortunately, it's not possible.

Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks!


Thank you for answering. Unfortunately private fields wont suffice as I'll probably need more detailed settings for different user groups. Can I expect this feature at some time in the future or is it not planned to be improved at the moment?


Lukas, actually we don't have any plans to implement a feature like this in the nearest future.

Please feel free to submit a feature request into our tracker:



I would second that.
Did you have a chance to create a feature request, so that I can vote?


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