agile board burndown chart is not decreasing

I have 5 Story Points in State Done (Resolved is checked) but on the Burndown chart there is no decrease and still 73 points. Below I enclosed screenshots from my board and board settings. I use the latest cloud version. Any hints how solve that? When I use no estimates and burndown chart with issues count then everything is fine but I would like to use Story Points.  

Board settings screen:

Board screen:

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The burndown chart is based on historical events: i.e. a 'Remaining Effort' line goes down at the date, when an issue with some non-zero estimation is marked as resolved. So, could you please check the following things:

1. The issues that you have in Done column, are moved there in between September 1 and September 21 (just in case); and

2. There is no other field of type 'State' in your project.

The second point is very important because if you have a second state field, then your issue is considered to be resolved only when state fields values are changes to resolved ones.


We try to accomplish situation when in our project we have 6 different types of issues: Theme, Epic, User Story, Task, Bug and Spike. I've configured project fields to use 2 different fields as a state: Story state and Task state. Story state has a conditional setting to show only for Themes, Epics and User Stories. Task state has a conditional setting to show only for Tasks, Bugs, and Spikes. The reason for that is that the Story state has a couple of values and Task state defined much more. 

Is there any option to set up the burndown chart to use only Task state when calculating remaining effort? 
I have an alternative idea to setup workflow for Tasks, Bugs, and Spikes in which Story state will be copied from Task state, but I not sure if this would help. Have You any advice?


Sorry for the confusion. I've figured out that, the source of the problem was the wrong Sprint configuration. Schedule dates weren't a range but a single day.

In addition, to have exact chart, I had to set a custom issue filter to exclude Themes and Epics. User stories are my swimlane and those are excluded by default


Thank you for the update!


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