Permissions for Agile Board (create new Sprint)

I'm trying to create a role so some users are able to edit Agile Board and create new Sprints.

I only found it's possible if you got the System Admin role for now but of course those users should not be able to act as system admin.

How can I set the permission for the Agile Board properties?
Setting the 'Update project' permission does not work for 2017.3/2017.4.



Hi Christof, 

If you need to provide access to the exact Agile Board, you can create a group, include all required users there and choose this group in the Agile Board settings in 'Can view and use the board' dropdown:

If this doesn't help, or if I got your case incorrectly, please provide me with more details of your request and send a screenshot of your Board settings. 

Thank you! 


Hi Anastasia,

perfect, totally forgot about that option.
The "Can edit board settings" was what I'm looking for. Thanks for the hint.

One additional question:
What I can select here are Groups from Hub, right?
Some of the groups are not shown here but I can't find a logic why they're not listed.

Cheers, Christof


Hi Christof,

You can select groups and teams from Hub which have permissions to view this project. So if some group isn't allowed to view the project, it won't appear it the dropdown list.


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