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I have this query: исполнитель: михаил_карпов статус: открыта 

Then i change the position of tasks that i am working with. This is a task queue. I would like other users to see what I've made. I can change the order easily but other user see their own sort order. What the remedy would be? 


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Hello Boris,

I am sorry for the delay. 

Please try these steps:

1. Create saved search (for details please refer to

2. Choose this saved search in the context (use dropdown list):

3. Then sort your issues manually:

4. The search is saved. Make sure that you have specified the visibility of the search for your team. To check it, click on the Edit icon next to the Saved search name:

5. Now your team can select your saved search as a context and see issues ordered by you:

Please let me know if it helps.

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I refereed to this article: 

The result is the same. Under lead account, saved a search which is shared, other users access this saved search and see their own sort order. 

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Why does it take so long to answer a simple question? 

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The result is the same. Other member of the team picks up the saved search. Result: the member has it is own sort order different than main. 

Team member can see the saved search and access it. But when they click it - nothing happens.

Other members can see the saved search in Saved search in filters but the same search is not available in the drop down menu in the right up corner. The screenshot is shown below. 

What should i do in order to share my sort order to the rest of the team?

Is it possible to answer question a bit faster? Not during 1-3 days? We are working on the serious project and this problem really troubling the proper flow.

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Please make sure that you have reordered issues having your saved search as a context (you have to choose the context in a dropdown list in the left upper corner, not to click on the saved search name in filters) and after saving that search. Also please check that your teammate has that saved search as a context as well. 

To make the saved search available to be selected as a context in a dropdown list, go to the filter "Saved search" (left side of the screen), press "More" and click an eye near your Saved search:

Now this saved search should be available in a context dropdown.

If this is exactly what you're doing and the reordering still doesn't work, please record a video with your actions (1. create saved search; 2. set saved search as a context; 3. reorder issues; 4. your teammate sets the search as a context; 5. the result). 

You can upload the video to our FTP server - this is strictly confidential, no data will be disclosed to any third parties. Please let us know the name of the file when uploading is finished. 

Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

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As shown at the screenshot, it is impossible to find the saved context search for other team members. 

Why is it so complicated? This is an easy task! 

All that i need to accomplish is to make a simple enumerated list of tasks. What can be easier than that? The only problem is that there more than 2000 task in the whole project. Is your software even capable of handling such a job? Please provide me with your email address. It is to long to hide all these details from screenshots. 

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Please submit a ticket here: and attach a screenshot of "Saved searches" full list (left-side bar) from your teammate' account, where your saved search can be seen. 


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Submitted. What's next? 


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