ntegration between YouTrack and email mailboxes is not working

Good morning.

Since yesterday, the 16th, the integration between YouTrack online Build 2022.3.65379 and email mailboxes is not working. We have two different integrations: one that uses the email address infortisaweb@youtrack.cloud, where all incoming emails are automatically added to a project within YouTrack, and another integration that is connected via IMAP to an Office 365 account. Neither of them has been working since yesterday. Could you please verify if there is any error? Our YouTrack instance is located at https://infortisaweb.youtrack.cloud.

Integration -> infortisaweb@youtrack.cloud

Thank you.

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

I've just replied to your support ticket. Posting a short summary here as well. 

As far as I see, the emails are being processed perfectly fine. For example, multiple comments have been created from the emails today.  

However, there are problems with converting these emails to new issues. Based on the logs, this is caused by one of your workflows. As I see, yesterday you attached a workflow 'Solicitar siempre usuario asignado a una tarea' to the mailbox projects. Likely, it doesn't let create new issues that don't have assignees specified. And as a result, it prevents new emails from being converted to issues. To fix it, go to Projects → Open the affected projects → Workflows → Disable this workflow or adjust the way it works. 

Also, please note that this is a public forum, so make sure to not share any private details in the thread. 


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