Report for: First comment time

We would like to create a report that shows us how much time it takes us to place the first comment in the ticket.


  • a customer places a ticket
  • as soon as we have set the status from recorded to open and have made a comment, the ticket can be seen as a "reaction".

We would like to display the time between the creation of the ticket and the comment as an average in order to be able to determine our service level in terms of response time.

Is there a report or a workaround that can help us?

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I'm Lena from the YouTrack Team. I will do my best to help you. 

Unfortunately, we don't have such a report out of the box. However, I can suggest you a workaround: you can create a separate private field and call it, e.g. "Time without response". After that, create a workflow which will calculate this time and pass it to the field. You can use the In progress work timer workflow for reference. I recommend you not keep this value in seconds, but make a small calculation and keep it at least in minutes. Once you know this time for each issue, you can create the Issue per Arbitrary Field report. 



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