VCS integration with Gitea fails with http 404

Hi, I`m having issues integrating gitea to YT
For this conversation, let`s say I have the following setup

YT server = . It runs in a custom-built docker-container, on my NAS, Youtrack 2023.1

Gitea server = . It runs in a custom-built docker-container, on my NAS, gitea 1.19.0

In gitea, I have the following org: "docker", in that org, the following 2 repos: "devicelist" and "hostmanager". The corresponding projects and org have been created in YT


Now, when I want for any of these projects to add a VCS integration, I get stuck with an http 404 error. I've entered the following info:
Server type : Gitea
Repo URL :

Personal token : as generated from Gitea

In advanced settings, I've copied the repo URL from above, and I've imported the JKS from my internal SSL repo.


Now, as soon as I click SAVE, it refuses to proceed and shows in red: HTTP 404.


I know that the repos exists on git, of course. It's not a DNS/connectivity issue as from the YT container I can telnet on gitea's container at the proper port (telnet git 3003).


It must be a very simple thing that I've overlooked ?

<br>Updated : further tests<br>
I've added the following to the end of my gitea's app.ini:
Restarted the gitea server, issue still present. I get this in the logs

$IP_ADDR - - [08/Jul/2023:10:29:28 -0400] "POST /docker/devicelist/api/v1/repos//hooks HTTP/1.1" 404 9300 "-" "YouTrack/2023.1 (build #11071). Base URL:" "-"

Also, the gitea server is behind an nginx reverse proxy (also in a docker container on the NAS). Please note that there is no proxying issue between a client, nginx and git, as other webhooks work just fine.



Could you please create a request for our support and send us the logs of your instance?


I'm rebuilding the container today and will redeploy from scratch, if the error is still there, I will do so, yes. Thank you, Alisa Kasyanova


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