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Is it possible to get a link to a full previous version of an article?

We work on continuous improvement and the documentation is updated whenever a new change needs to be applied or a new improvement needs to be added to something that already exists.

If someone is working on part of the ongoing development, the documentation linked to the task will point to the current article in the knowledgebase, but business people are also working with the article, so we consider it a live document that needs to keep the latest version of everything we need.

With this in mind, to avoid mistakes during the development phase, we will have a link to the approved version of the document related to the current task, but the only way we know is to take the link to the latest changes and review those changes later.

Could we have a direct link to the previous version of the article to keep it linked to the task?

Thank you very much!



You cannot create a link to the previous version, but you can create a link to the event in the article's activity stream. And it has a Show revision in article history button.


Thank you very much Alisa for your quick answer! 



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