Knowledge Base article tags not visible to reporters


We are using tags to speed up the article search in our knowledge base.

Users, who are automatically registered by mail (a channel in the helpdesk project) and accessing the public URL, do not see the tags (the external webpage just showing the reporters personal tickets and the knowledge base).

I have tried to change tag permissions. They are shared and the group "registered users" has view permission.
The auto-registered reporter is member of that group.

What am I doing wrong?
Any Ideas?


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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

Currently, it's not possible to share tags with reporters regardless of the tags' settings by design. Yet, the case you describe makes perfect sense, so it's likely that we should reconsider this approach. I've submitted a corresponding feature request in our public tracker: Please feel free to vote for this issue. This helps us gauge how much impact this feature will have on our customer base, and you’ll also get subscribed to the issue’s notifications. To do so, sign in to JetBrains YouTrack and hit the thumbs-up icon.

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