Is there an "official" way to keep track of customers?

We have a number of projects we would like to keep track of, where each project may contain a “core” section, and then there could be tasks and issues which are there for a specific customer. I.e.: we are about to install the product for customer X, and in order to do that we create a number of issues/tasks. But then we've got a number of issues/tasks which relate to the functionality in the core of the product, i.e. functionality which is not directly related to a given customer.

Currently, we have a separate project for both the core project and then one for each customer (i.e. “ProjectACME - Core”, “ProjectACME - Customer A”, “ProjectACME- Customer B” etc., but I fear the list of projects might get too big over time.

Is there a know “best practice” method to do this, and if so, what is it?




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The projects for separate customers are a good idea. It is easier to manage the visibility of the issues, and you can always archive or even delete the whole project if you don't work with this customer on this project any more. It will also free some memory for you. 

Another option is working with the visibility of the issues in one project. For example, the Core tickets will be visible to your developers, the tickets for Customer A - to your developers and Customer A, etc. But in this case, you should be careful, because it is easy to miss an issue and make it visible to the wrong customer. You also cannot easily delete the issues associated with one customer easily. You should filter and delete the issues; there is no archive option for separate issues. 

You can automatize the visibility setting depending on different flags using our Workflow. If you choose this option, you can use these workflows for reference:

Restrict Issue Visibility with Workflows 

Assignee Visibility

There is no “recommended” way. Each company decides what is suitable for them. Both ways have their pros and cons. I will be happy to assist you with any way you choose. 


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