Help Desk - Email Submission - Using replty-to


I have set up   the helpdesk with incoming channel from forwarded email fine.

The issue is we have some third party support forms   and for email deliverability  they are sent as ‘noreply@originating_domain’   and the Reply-to is set to the ‘real user’

The issue is that the helpdesk notifies to the from: address   where are out previous helpdesk software correctly replies to the reply-to: address

I have looked at workflows and cant find one that handles the ‘reporter’   as the logic should be assign reporter from reply-to: if present else from:

I note that there is a post process - by I dont know what command and is that is too late.

Any ideas?



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Hi Alan. We've already discussed this in the private ticket, but I'll leave a response here as well, just in case others might come across this post. Unfortunately, it's not possible right now to use the Reply-to header instead of From to set the reporter email address in helpdesk projects, but I've filed a feature request for future improvement: JT-77646. While not exactly convenient generally, with the right permissions, one can also manually change the email in the user profile, if needed.


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