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Hi, i'm not sure if this is the right forum, because i don't know the cause of the issue i'm dealing with. We use a helpdesk project and in that project it often happens that questions are asked with the same title (summary) although they are unrelated. These are by some ‘deamon’ automatically related so that a ‘relates to’ link appears in the history of the issue. I suspect that the ‘deamon’ is a rule in a workflow but i can't find that rule. Can anyone tell me how to disable this functionality?

Thanks, Gertjan



I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

Can you please share screenshots of such tickets (the whole page)? Please ensure to include the event itself where you see this 'deamon'. Note that this is a public forum. If needed, feel free to create a private support ticket


Hi Sergey,

This is the screenshot. The automatic linking to other issues is a problem because we use the last modified date of closed tickets to check if users have responded to thode tichets after they are closed.




Thanks for the screenshots.

As I see, you use an old helpdesk solution. Started from YouTrack 2023.1, we introduced a revamped Helpdesk feature that includes a new helpdesk project type, agents, an unlimited number of reporter accounts, and other helpdesk-related features. If interested, feel to create a new helpdesk project following these instructions. Tickets with the same summary are not linked automatically either. Note, though, that normal projects cannot be transferred to the helpdesk ones. 

As for your case where you use normal projects for your helpdesk solution, this linking works automatically based on the logic described in the related documentation section. Unfortunately, it's not possible to disable it. Theoretically, what you can do is create a custom script via a workflow that would remove issue links from such issues. If you are not familiar with this workflow functionality, please refer to our tutorial. Here's also an example of a script that removes links that you can use as a reference.


Hi Sergey thanks for the support. We'll take a look at the new helpdesk solution and probably migrate soon,

Best wishes, Gertjan


You are welcome, Gertjan.

Feel free to reach out if there's anything else we can assist you with. 


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