Sprint History and Sprint Rollover

From a management perspective, I'm trying to figure out how to determine when an Issue rolls over to a new sprint. The only solution that I have found is by manually reviewing Issues to see if the history shows their boards changing. While managing multiple projects, this will be very time consuming.

In addition, after closing a sprint, any Issues that were moved to the next sprint no longer appear in their previous sprints. Unless I am doing something wrong, I would expect to preserve a snapshot of the sprint once it is closed to preserve its history. 

Is there a way to easily very sprint rollover and is there a way to preserve a sprint history?

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I'm Sergey from the YouTrack team.

If you want to store multiple sprint values in an issue, then you can link sprints to a custom field. For example, you can create a multi-type (to store multiple sprints) enum field and link it. After that, if you have the same issue on multiple sprints, all these sprints will be stored in the field. You'll be able to query the values using the search bar or build reports based on this field.


In addition, after closing a sprint, any Issues that were moved to the next sprint no longer appear in their previous sprints.

If you use Add X unresolved issues from "Sprint Y" function when creating a new sprint, then it always removes the issue from the previous sprint and adds it to the new one. Instead, you can add issues to a sprint from the issue list by applying a command. This way you can add issues from sprint X to sprint Y. Both will be preserved and stored in the field.

Additionally, you can automate the process of adding issues to sprints via a workflow, an automation tool. This is an advanced solution and requires programming skills. If you are not familiar with this functionality, please refer to our tutorial.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Hello Sergey Merzlov,

Thanks for the support and recommendations. I tested and implemented the custom field approach and it is working close to what I was looking for. 

Not sure if you or anyone else knows this follow up question, but couldn't find anything in the documentation and haven't found a solution through testing, but is there a way to use the search bar to find any issue with more than one enum selected? For example, if I wanted to find all issues that were assigned to multiple sprints.

I know how to search for issues that were assigned to two known sprints: 

Sprints: {Sprint 1} and Sprints: {Sprint 2}

But I'm basically looking for something like:

WHERE count(Sprints) >= 2

I've tried multiple different approaches, but the results are not exclusive. For example:

Sprints: {Sprint *} and Sprints {Sprint *}
Sprints: {Sprint *} .. {Sprint 6}
Sprints: {Sprint 2} and Sprints: {Sprint *}, -{Sprint 2}

These will return results, but it will also match issues assign to single sprints.



Thanks for your response.

No, such a search query is not supported in the UI, I'm afraid. Other than listing all the possible combinations manually, you can create a separate integer field to store the sprint count. Then you'd be able to query this field and provide a range. This counter can be updated automatically each time an issue is added to or removed from a sprint via a workflow


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